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Navi Professional consulting was appointed to manage more than 50 contractors in the construction of sanitation facilities as well as the provision of water in Limpopo province by Mvula Trust, an implementing agent responsible for ensuring that the projects are done according to the Department of Education specified terms of reference.

After the first democratic elections in 1994, the government of South Africa was faced with the challenge of providing a basic level of sanitation services to areas neglected by the previous government. 

At that time, service delivery was fragmented with no cohesive strategy or support structures to guide the provision of sanitation 

This was a period characterised by few sanitation services to rural households, farm dwellers and especially schools, and where there was service provision – it was in a state of disrepair owing to the lack of consultation and a lack of a sense of ownership from the end users.

Implementation of sanitation interventions was mainly focused on service delivery with little or no health and hygiene education, thus no measurements were made to see the impacts of sanitation service delivery. 

Our organisation is committed – in line with government objectives, and committed to ensuring that learners have access to adequate sanitation.

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